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    Well, I’m finally getting my around to adding Adsense to my website after being online 2 months and getting a couple hundred thousand pageviews (yes, I should have done this 200k pageviews ago). I just spent hours (literally) trying to figure out how to use the graphene adsense option and have scoured the internet and this forum for answers but have not had any success.

    I have inserted my adsense code in the Graphene options but I don’t have any idea how to make it appear on my site or control where it goes. Failing that, I started just pasting my code where I wanted it to appear but when I started trying to insert my code and have my text wrap around it, my text just appears below the ad space. The page below is coded to have a banner ad on top and then should have a rectangle ad under the image with the text to wrap to the right of the ad, but as you’ll see, the text is below the ad. I’ve tried playing with the ad size to see if it was a space issue but it should not be. So if anyone can help me, I’d certainly appreciate it.

    1) How do I use the graphene adsense option?

    2) How do I control ad placement using the adsense option?

    3) How do I get my text to wrap around my ad?

    A page in which I have tried to edit in the code manually is at

    I also tried figuring out action hooks but I can’t find any instruction written at a level low enough for my inexperience to understand. I am very inexperienced so assistance will have to be very simple for my little pea-sized brain. Thanks in advance.


    Syahir Hakim


    1) Just insert the full AdSense code into the theme’s AdSense option.

    2) You can’t, as the theme will just place the code under each post. If you want to place the ads somewhere else, you would have to do it manually, like via an action hook widget area.

    3) If you’re just using the theme’s AdSense option, you won’t be having this problem because there’ll simply be no text around the ads.

    See this wiki page for more info and screenshot:



    Thanks.. do you know of a basic tutorial online about how to use action hooks?




    that definitely helps…thanks. So there’s no way I insert my ad in graphene where i wanted in my example page above and have the text wrap? i’ve seen it done on a ton of other sites but they probably weren’t using this theme.

    Also, I noticed that the adsense option appears to only add the ads to posts (not pages). is this correct?


    Syahir Hakim

    Also, I noticed that the adsense option appears to only add the ads to posts (not pages). is this correct?

    Nope, it appears for Pages as well.



    very strange. they’re only appearing on my posts.



    Oh wow! I found the solution to the text wrap!!! So happy! The ad still isn’t showing with the graphene option on pages but I can paste the code in for that. Thanks for your help!



    update… the graphene ads on pages showed up this morning too!

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