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    i have two wordpress homepages. Both run the graphene theme.

    Now i want to use filebase plugin to handle downloads.

    The problem is, that graphene adds extra radio buttons and the line-height is to great.

    If i switch to another theme it is o.k.

    I like graphene very much and want to use it, because it is easy to customize.

    Can you help me?





    Can you provide a link to your site? I might be able to help you with some custom CSS if I can see the problem.






    thank you for your reply.

    You can find the “Beta-Site” here :


    Thanks for your support!




    Wow, Popoeye, that really stretched me 🙂 But I think I have what you need.

    To remove the blue bullet points, place this into your Custom CSS:

    .treeview li.lastExpandable, ul.treeview li.lastExpandable {
    list-style: none outside none

    I wasn’t sure which line height you are referring to, so I’ve given you both. To change the line height of the unexpanded menu items, place this into your Custom CSS:

    .treeview, .treeview ul, ul.treeview, ul.treeview li ul {
    margin-top: -10px;

    Change the value of -10px to whatever you need it to be.

    To change the line height of the items in the expanded menu, place this into your Custom CSS:

    .treeview li.last, ul.treeview li.last {
    margin-top: -10px;

    Again, change the value of -10px to whatever you need it to be.

    Hope that’s what you are after.





    Hi again,

    thanks for your efforts, but your solution did not work for me.

    Now i got it solved on my own.

    The good things is, that i learned using firebug and so it was easy.

    I pasted this in custom css and the buttons are gone:

    .entry-content ul li {

    list-style-image: none;


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