Graphene 2 how to set up a blog like the demo theme?

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    Here is the demo theme

    It has Top bar with media icons and search
    Header image – Graphene
    Primary menu
    Secondary menu

    2×3 images of some topics
    Elegant Design – a feature of Graphene plus
    Recipes a couple blog posts plus a sidebar
    A call to action (whatever that is) with Graphene plus

    Welcome to the Modern Web
    4 clickable Images of topics
    Graphene footer with copyright and 3 footer menu items

    How do you set up the 2×3 images of some topics?


    Syahir Hakim


    The demo theme uses features from Graphene Plus, which makes it very easy to quickly create custom page layout like that. We have also included the demo site as a template in Graphene Plus so you can quickly deploy the demo layout, and then customize it to your needs.



    Thanks Syahir
    That means that the 2×3 arrangement isnt part of the standard graphene 2 theme?


    Syahir Hakim


    Yes, the 2×3 arrangement is not available in the standard Graphene 2.* theme. It’s only available in Graphene Plus, and you’re not restricted to 2×3 arrangement either. You can have any combination of rows and columns.

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