Gradient background colors don't work in opera

  • jonas klein


    Hello friends this message I wrote it especially for the syahir because he is the developer of Graphene, and loved everything I weight sorry if you get any error of English in my topic this is because it is translated by microsoft translator.

    I am writing this topic because I found some errors related to the gradient background options, that the worst mistake that I’ve found so far is the fact that none of the colors of the gradient background appears in Opera,

    The second biggest mistake I found is that the top bar in IE and like it or not it this is one of the five most used internet browsers, the background color of the top bar and menu bar and dropdown Menu (normal state) in IE the gradient this showing

    a color right and another left and second what I figured doing tests in firefox and in chrome is a color on top and another underneath.

    As the main bar and menu bar I covenanted this error although not know almost nothing of html and php I realized

    that the error happened because the type of gradient misses 1 and should be 0 for the gradient display a color on top and another underneath, so I got it by editing the file header.php, and then also in the IE menu bar dropdown Menu (active and hover States) does not appear

    detail I’m using IE9.

    As to the fact of the colors in the gradient does not appear in opera I covenanted this error on the top bar and menu bar Widget header and putting on the theme heade.php in the correct locations that line of code background:-the-linear-gradient (% 1 $ s,% 2 $ s); and in the case of the top and bottom edges of the slides I put in this line of code CSS: background-the-linear-gradient (left top, # 0F2D4D, # 2880C3); and sorry if this is not the right place for the code I could not put it elsewhere.

    Now syahir you I the other moderators maybe they will say we shouldn’t have edited these files it is even true, plus my blog it is professional and a blog so I can’t allow this to stay like this since-I have how to eliminate that these errors, because I believe that now that I’ve showed these errors they will be corrected in the next version of graphene detail I’m already using version 1.8.1

    I’ll take that on my blog there will be still some errors in background colors gradient and who want to see live these bugs

    in opera or IE here is the URL of my blog in chrome and firefox everything is perfect,

    Now I want to say that graphene since this v 1.8.1 is without a doubt the best free theme for WP I have ever seen, and the bugs in almost all or all themes have some bug and see that I have tested on my blog more than 50 themes and such a good portion is paid.

    I wish much success to all saudê and all participants of this forum and syahir and the other moderators or give my congratulations for the great work you have done you are amazing

    Thank you for your attention


    Syahir Hakim


    OK, I will add gradient support for Opera in the next update.

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