Gradient looks different on other computers?

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    3 questions

    1.) Do you like my gradient background?

    2.) if I leave my background the way it is, and this happens sometimes to people who open and close spoilers, do you think that makes the website not look professional ?

    3.) I noticed 3 things one when I open my website up… First—on my schools computer the colors on the gradient look incredibly mixed and not how I made them , it looks purplish and mixed.

    Second—- when I open up my site on my laptops internet explorer the colors look exactly like I want them to but… Third—- when I open the site on my Laptop but just using Google chrome instead of internet explorer it looks different then my internet explorer even though its the same computer?

    just anted to note that my site looks blue green on my schools computer, and I dont like it. but on my laptop the gradient looks perfect and I like it. Why does it look different ?



    Its brower dependent


    blue at the top

    green in the middle

    eeugh inbetween

    yellow at the bottom


    blue at top

    sand in middle

    green at bottom

    much nicer



    so there is nothing I can do ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    It looks that way in IE9, as well.

    It’s not reasonable to expect your website to look exactly the same in all browsers, but this is pretty egregious behavior on the part of IE. I wonder what it looks like in IE10?

    so there is nothing I can do ?

    There are three options:

    1) Use an image, as I outlined earlier for you. (Even here, you may see some differences between browsers.)

    2) Try to find a gradient that looks good in IE first, and then it should look similar in regular browsers. (This is really bad practice, however. You should never start by coding for a particular browser first.)

    3) Don’t worry about it. Most people will only use a single browser to view your site, so they probably won’t notice the difference between browsers. That said, I have to agree with cleevewebby that there is “eeugh inbetween”. That’s why I encourage my readers to not use IE.



    thanks for replying and helping me guys.

    what is “eeugh inbetween” mean? iv never heard that term.

    and do you like the way the gradient looks (a lot, its ok, or work on it more) or should I change it?

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