Google's PageSpeed Insights doesn't recognise my graphene mobile neo site.

  • philipp.z


    Hello there!

    I have bought Graphene Mobile Neo yesterday and I am really satisfied…It looks great. Good Job!

    However, when I test my Page Speed with Google, it shows the Desktop version.

    I also have trouble with the desktop version opening on IOS Safari. (If I should open a different thread for this, please let me know)

    What could be the problem? You got to bear with please because I am not very experienced with building websites and I am new to this.

    If you need Information on my settings please tell me which and I’ll provide it.

    Another thing is, that since I have installed Graph. Mob. Neo, Page Loading has become really slow (Tested with Chrome on IOS). Note that I have 8 Plugins including W3 Total Cache, EWWW Image Optimizer, All in One SEO, and Social Media Feather. The rest are pretty light weight plugins. (again. If this needs an own thread, let me know.)

    Thank you in Advance and have a nice day.



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Philipp,

    What you described is likely caused by the page caching plugin, W3 Total Cache. What’s happening is that the plugin is serving the cached desktop version to mobile devices.

    See the FAQ on this page on how to resolve it (it’s the last item in the list):

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