Google website verification meta tags not showing in source

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    I have been attempting to verify my website ( through google webmaster, using the HTML tag method. First, I attempted to paste the meta tag to the head element of the header.php file in WP dashboard via options->editor. Checked source with firebug, not showing.

    I checked the forum, and found several threads with the same problem, but they were all pretty easily fixed by using the graphene options. So, I cut the metatag from header.php, and pasted it into appearance->graphene options->advanced->custom head tags, then clicked save all options. Cleared cache, then refreshed page and checked source again….Still not showing. Went ahead and attempted verification via google webmaster anyways, and received error message:

    “Verification failed for using the Meta tag method (7 minutes ago). We couldn’t find the verification meta tag.”

    Verified the entire metatag was precisely pasted. This is my first time attempting to verify a website. Am I missing a step? I would appreciate any suggestions/ideas/corrections. Thanks!

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