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    Hi all,

    I am trying to verify my site with google webmaster. The steps appeas so easy.

    As taken by google…

    1. Download this HTML verification file. [googlexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.html]

    2. Upload the file to

    3. Confirm successful upload by visiting in your browser.

    4. Click Verify below.

    To stay verified, don’t remove the HTML file, even after verification succeeds.

    Where do I actually upload this file to? I feel stupid when it comes to site building. Darn.




    Kenneth John Odle

    I feel stupid when it comes to site building.

    That’s because your site looks different from the backend than it does from the front end. But don’t worry, we were all in your shoes once. If I can learn it, you can learn it.

    In order to do this, you’ll need FTP access to your website. To do that, you’ll need an FTP client, which is a program that handles the FTP process for you. FileZilla is a good standalone one; FireFTP is a good Firefox addon that integrates right into the Firefox browser.

    From your web host, you’ll need an FTP username and password to gain FTP access.

    Once you’ve logged in with your FTP client, you will want to drop that file right into your root directory, the one that’s at

    After that, you should be able to open the file from the link you indicated in step 3, above.

    If this doesn’t help, or if this isn’t what you need, please let us know.



    I just love you man… So simple, yet so dark science-like.. Thanks

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