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  • kyungs


    Hi again. Tired of me yet? Well, last month, I implemented adsense and now this month, I’d like to add Google Adsense for search. I found an old thread here that discussed it but unfortunately it was a bit over my head to understand.

    In the graphene options, I found that I should enable the Header Widget Area but then I ran into my ignorance when it says:

    Important: This widget area is unstyled, as it is often used for advertisement banners, etc. If you enable it, make sure you style it to your needs using the Custom CSS option.

    I don’t know how to style it. Do I drag a text widget into a header widget area and paste my code there? Is there any way I can get it to appear immediately below my navbars and before my content?


    Kenneth John Odle


    The class for the header widget is .header-widget So style that class however you would like.

    See this:

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