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    I am using graphene for quite a while, and I understand that sucha a perfect theme has to be really big to have so many options as this one.

    I have searched this support forum and found no answer for my question so far, and here’s my problem.

    I would like add rel=”author” value to google plus link which is displayed in top as an icon.

    Moreover, i would like this to appear both on index iste, and posts/pages. I don’t want to install any plugin for that. I know this requires simply finding proper php code line, but i can’t find it.

    So in general, the link to google+ profile (from button in header) should have this form:

    <a rel="author" href="myG+URL">

    could anybody help me with how i may do that?

    I dont want to add any string to the G+link, like


    Just i want to keep it simple with PHP


    Kenneth John Odle


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    Moreover, i would like this to appear both on index iste, and posts/pages. I don’t want to install any plugin for that. I know this requires simply finding proper php code line, but i can’t find it.

    You should be able to achieve this via a custom function in a child theme. You really don’t want to edit the theme’s files, or you will lose any modifications you make in the next updgrade.

    Have you created a child theme yet?



    i am sorry for the problems i caused.

    nope, i havent created any child theme yet


    Kenneth John Odle


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    You can just post that info on the copyright section on the footer. That’s what I did to add google+ authorization.

    Appearance -> Graphene Option -> Footer Option

    add this.

    <a href="">Author Name</a>

    Google will see this on every post/page and will confirm you as author.

    This works just fine, unless you have different authors posting on your site.



    Adding to footer will not index the pages properly on Google servers. For example, the picture of your Google+ should appear along with your URL in Google search if it is properly indexed by Google.

    I use a Plug-in called, Google Plus Author Information in Search Result (GPAISR)Google Plus Author Information in Search Result (GPAISR) at

    This way it will work on Google servers.



    You can check here:

    how a your urls show on google search results, whether your g+ image shows or not.



    If you just want to add by Author with G+ link at the end of posts, why do you need that plugin? Just use graphene_after_post_content action hook and add some HTML code. Graphene theme is so powerful to handle all these things.

    For example, I have this in my graphene_after_post_content action hook.

    by <a href="">Prasanna SP</a>

    and widget logic – is_single(). So, it adds by Prasanna SP with Google+ link after each single post.

    You can see this in my blog. It is after Email Subscription form on every single post



    This topic is the closest thing I could find to post my question without starting new thread. This is probably a question for Prasanna

    I am having trouble when I post a link to my website on g+. It puts the site name, tag, but then duplicates the site again. I can’t figure out where its coming from? I copied both the inner and outer HTML for you to see from the posted link on g+.

    Outer HTML HippoTusk Blog – Camping BlogHippoTusk Blog Â»

    Inner HTML HippoTusk Blog – Camping BlogHippoTusk Blog Â»

    If anyone has an answer that would be great!



    @chrisp: WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin is causing this issue. To fix this, go to Graphene Options –> Display –> Miscellaneous Display Options –> Site title options and put #post-title in Custom content pages site title.

    If you are comfortable with child theme and php, you may try adding this code to your child theme’s functions.php file.

    function my_remove_filter(){
    remove_filter( 'wp_title', 'graphene_title' );
    add_action( 'init', 'my_remove_filter' );

    This disables theme’s ability to change post titles. This is a much better solution.

    BTW, you have a nice colour scheme (except block button). I like that header image! 🙂

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