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    If you’re using GA Google Analytics to insert tracking script, don’t put the same in Graphene Options –> Google Analytics.



    ok i took the script out of Graphene Options and used my ID in Google Analytics. It still doesnt work, is there anyway i can remove everything and start again also with google itself?



    You still have two different GA scripts in your site. Remove one of the two scripts and keep only the correct code.




    right i have taken the code out of SEO and deactivated google analytics. set up new account with gmail and started all over again. you should only see the one code. BUT, unfortunately it still doesnt work.

    this is what it says when i go to the google analytics site

    Status: Tracking Not Installed

    Last checked: Jan 31, 2013 6:37:46 AM PST

    The Google Analytics tracking code has not been detected on your website’s home page. For Analytics to function, you or your web administrator must add the code to each page of your website.



    It is still appearing twice!


    It will take a few moments for Google to detect the tracking script after you successfully insert the code in your site.



    Oh My God!!!!!!

    Thank you so very much for all your help it has worked. I only have a headache now and you must too!!



    icon_biggrin.gif Get a cup of coffee and wait for Google Bot to visit your site!

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