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  • Alain RONK



    What is the only check this box, please ?


    Prasanna SP


    It just enables the AdSense Ad on posts

    Alain RONK


    Hello Prasana !

    Thank you for your replie.

    Ok but, in the post, where is my code Adsence, please ?

    Prasanna SP


    If you have an approved AdSense account, you can create ad channels and get the code from

    Alain RONK


    Hello Parasana !

    Yes, I have a account Google Adsence. But, it’s not the question.

    I can write this code where I want, it’s very cool with Graphene theme, in a post, in a page or in widget aera.

    So, what use is this box of Graphene / Option ?

    Do you understand me ?

    It’s not easy for me in english, excuse me !

    Prasanna SP


    If you check that box, it will display the Ad after the post.

    Alain RONK


    Hello Prasana

    I see that I have a problem.

    When I copy my Adsense code, the area after the post is empty. But, it works very well in other areas


    And after, my code has changed all alone in the area graphene / Option. Now,

    it is written :

    <script type="text/javascript">// </script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="">// </script>

    Can you help me, please ?

    Alain RONK


    Hello Prasana !

    Do not search, I found the mistake !

    I was wrong when I did a copy / paste the Adsense code.

    Accept my excuses

    Thank you very very much !

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