GM Neo "The page contains too many server redirects"

  • tmeahl



    I recently changed my mobile theme on a site to “GM Neo”. Now when I try to access the site from a mobile device I get the error “Connection problem – The page contains too many server redirects”.

    the website is:

    Any ideas?




    Kenneth John Odle


    Your site comes up fine here:

    Are you using mobile child theme? Have you tried from a different device?


    Syahir Hakim


    Can you try disabling all plugins except GM Neo Helper and Any Mobile Theme Switcher? This will help determine if it’s a plugin conflict.




    I have gotten the error messages to go away since I disabled W3 Total Cache. I was using it only for its CDN functionality.

    The errors still came up if I disabled W3 within the “Plugins Control” of “GM Neo Options” so I had to disable it completely (even for desktop version).

    Something weird still though is that any ” symbol has been turned into “




    Cloudflare was running a JavaScript minify that was causing the weird symbols

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