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  • John McCubbin


    I just set up a free wordpress blog and i was wondering if Graphene theme is availible on that and if so how do you get it

    John McCubbin


    or does anyone know free web hosting site



    I’m not sure about free web hosting. If you find one… let me know!

    Where did you setup the free blog?

    I’m not sure if graphene is available on their site… but I wouldn’t think so.

    John McCubbin


    I just set it up today my otherone is a work one but i wanted a private one and didnt really want to pay much if anything so went for the free the site is



    Right. Yeah, I’m not sure if Graphene is available at For one, I’ve never used Secondly, I would think Graphene is too advanced to be offered on their free-service websites. But, I could be wrong.

    If you are paying for hosting, you should be able to create subdomains within your original website. Then, you can install Graphene (or any other theme) as much as you’d like.

    So, if for example your website is, you could always set up new sites using things like,, and

    Each subdomain can have it’s own install, style, look, feel, etc…



    Graphene is not available at

    John McCubbin


    thanks for letting me know that

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