Get warning after installing wp-dbmanager plug-in

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    I get the following warning after installing wp-dbmanager plug-in:

    “Your backup folder MIGHT be visible to the public

    To correct this issue, move the .htaccess file from wp-content/plugins/wp-dbmanager to /nfs/c04/h02/mnt/65345/domains/”

    I have made the recommended change to the location of the .htaccess file location. . but the warning never goes away and it appears on every page of the admin backend. Not a huge problem, but just a nuisance. How do I turn off the warning?




    Is the “wp-dbmanager” plug-in one that is suggested within the theme? I haven’t heard of it before.

    If not, you might have better luck checking to see if the plugin author has a support forum for users.

    Did you delete the original location of the htaccess file once you moved it?



    yes, I did delete the htacess file from the original location. You mentioned about whether or not this plug-in “is suggested within the theme.” Is there a suggested plug-in for backup with this theme? If so, I would like to know which one is suggested and I will try that. Also. . is there a list of suggested plug-ins somewhere? I missed that. In the meantime I will check with the plugin author’s forum. . thanks. . as you can see. . I barely know what I’m doing!!



    as you can see. . I barely know what I’m doing!!

    Well, you’re in the right place!

    As far as I know, there isn’t a suggested plugin. What I was asking is that I know there is a section in the admin panel where Syahir mentions a few plugins which the theme was designed to be compatible with. I just wasn’t sure if the database plugin backup was one of them. I don’t think it is.

    I use this plugin for all my backups:

    It backs up both the database and file system, and emails it to me at a specified interval.

    Regarding a list of “accepted” plugins… that’s a great idea.

    I see a “blog” opportunity for either myself, Ken, or Prasanna 🙂



    Thanks, Josh. . I’ll switch out that plug-in. . sounds just like what I’m looking for and without the annoying warning

    Thanks for the help,


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