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  • mastermillo



    I just figured out that the delivered .mo-File has only 1kb and translation does not work in all parts.

    I was translating the file for myself but I have the same problem that the generated .mo-file from poEdit is also only 1Kb. Do you have a full compatible file for mobile theme?





    the german .po-file has no translation strings in it like dutch-file for example!


    Syahir Hakim


    Oops! I created that file in order to give an instruction to a German translator on how to translate the theme. It wasn’t supposed to be there, since the actual German translation is not finished yet.



    Actually I have the German translation finished, but I have the problem that when I save the .po file (with poEdit) the automatically created .mo file also has only 1kb. Could I send you the finished po-file that you can include it? greetings millo



    ok I got it, I just saved the .po file to another destination and voila the right .mo file is there and working!

    Let me know where I can send it to 🙂


    Syahir Hakim


    You can send it to my email, syahir at khairul-syahir dot com.

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