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  • danbailan


    Am I correct in saying no fix has been found for the incompatibility of this font with IE9 Mobile, Windows Phone 7.5/7.8 devices? – i.e. my Nokia 710, for one.

    Not having the devices to hand, does it work fine with Windows 8 devices, running IE10 Mobile, which does seem vital as the third player in the market?.

    Many thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    IE9 Mobile and older doesn’t support CSS3 @font-face property, hence webfonts can’t be used with IE9 Mobile. I’ll see about implementing a fallback either using images or Cufon.

    Just wondering though, do you know if there are any phones running WP7.8 and older with screen resolutions greater than 480×800? If there isn’t, image-based fallback might be better than Cufon for performance reasons.



    As far as I can see, no. 480 x 800 does seem the largest resolution in this Windows bracket.

    Windows 7 devices.

    Sorry that once again IE rears its backwards compatibility head.

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