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  • maurizio


    * place of use

    * image-title

    * licence-owners

    Need this to fullfill german law for protections of copyright


    Kenneth John Odle


    Need this to fullfill german law for protections of copyright

    I know there are a lot of blogs written in German using WordPress. Is it possible that someone has created a plugin that does this already?

    Since this is more of a function issue rather than an appearance issue, it seems to me that this is more a plugin issue rather than a theme issue. See this thread for some thoughts on that.



    I think, you are right. This is more a plugin issue. But some functionality of the theme (adsense) is a functioality too and part of the theme.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Well, the adsense aspect of Graphene is not a function — it really just provides a place for your adsense code to go. Google is actually handling displaying the ads. You can, in fact, enter any valid HTML code in the adsense box and it will show up where your adsense code will show up. In fact, for a while, I was displaying ads from both Adsense and Clickochet, just by entering both codes in that box. But you could enter an iframe, a link to an image — whatever — and it will show up there.

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