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  • scottypp


    Ok, so i’d like to have one image cover the entire bg, not tiled or repeated. I downloaded the Gecka bg stretcher and installed it, followed instructions until it siad:

    Add add_streched_background () function call to your theme’s function.php script

    ok so i go into the editor, open up the theme functions.php and then my head exploded….where do i add it? exactly what in that line do i add?

    do i add:

    add_streched_background () function call


    add_streched_background ()

    or what?

    Please help? or… there another way i can do this just from within graphene?


    Syahir Hakim


    Just make a big enough image, then set it as the background image for your website via WordPress Admin > Appearance > Background. You can set the styling of the background there as well.

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