GD Star in-post problem + How to place banner below title?

  • sirtot


    Hello, I am pretty much newb in wordpress so I don’t know if I even should adress this question to you guys, but as you got awesome support team I think I might, even if it’s not totally regard the theme I assumed it might be connected, anyways…

    when having an incomplete number on ranking I see the stars messed up:

    if anyone knows what should I do to fix it, I will love to hear!

    Thanks in advance and sorry if its not the right place to ask!

    1 more question, it might sound a little newbish but well yeah I’m new at these things, so how do I place ADsense code just below the website title?




    Bump, Anyone knows the answer?


    Kenneth John Odle


    First issue: probably a plugin conflict. Can’t really tell without seeing the site itself.

    Second issue: use a Graphene action hook widget area. This has been talked about a lot in this forum, so start with my tutorial:

    and then do a search in the forum.

    Graphene 1.6 added quite a few new widget areas, so I’m not sure which one I would recommend, but try around with it and I’m sure you’ll find the right one.

    A bump after an hour and a half? Really? Have some patience. This forum has some of the fastest response times of any other forum, including the WP forums, where you can wait days or weeks without a response.

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