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    I’m the web designer/developer for a Gay community Night club and other venues in Las Vegas. I enjoy Graphene’s layout, and ease of customization, thank you for the great theme!.

    So far I have created two Sites, one fully working but it’s fairly new so content is still small until we get it up and running, the second site Drink and Drag is still on the works but users can view the site HOME page and some pages. Let me know what you think, if you have feedback, comments, or any great additional ideas you can comment on. Thank you. – Basically anything Gay in Las Vegas from Clubs, model spotlights, restaurant venues, highlights, photos, Magazine, etc etc. – A Bowling/Pool/Gamers room venue, with Drag Queens as your hosts, and yes all of them! Opening Soon.

    I would also be happy to give out some techniques, I used in order to accomplish the layout. Thanks in advanced.



    Impressive customisations! Well done Tee!



    Thank you Prasanna! You guys give great support and awesome tutorials. This theme has endless possibilities. I’m still a semi-beginner on coding as far as back end (developer) but as designer (front end) Graphene is a very powerful tool. Thank you, and everyone else that gives support and Syahir who created this theme.



    From a design stand point they both look great.

    How well do you really think a drag queen bowling alley will do?

    Most bowling alleys attract children and the elderly. In this case neither.

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