Gap beneath bar needs to be removed

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    I was able to delete the page title on all of my static pages, but a gap still exists where they once were as well as a gray border-line. Is there a way to remove these or at least just the gap?

    Thanks for any advice, I’ve spent a few hours on this, but just can’t seem to figure it out.


    #post-ID h2 {

    #post-ID .post-title, .post-title a, .post-title a:visited {
    border-bottom: 0;

    This removes Gray line as well.



    Sorry to be a pain, I’m still kind of a novice.

    Where exactly should I place that – it doesn’t seem to be working for me.

    Thanks for the help and patience…



    Put it in child theme style.css or in your Admin/Graphene Options/Display/Custom CSS

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