functions.php in child theme missing

  • garyc


    hi guys

    I’m just tweaking my site., and I already have a child theme running. I’d like to adjust

    the width of the slider on my home page, so that the background images don’t get tiled. As I understand it from

    the forum, I can edit the functions.php in my child theme, but I only have a main stylesheet, (in bold) file listed,

    and an ‘rtl.styelsheet’, unlike the main theme folder, where I have loads of items.

    Can you tell me how I create a ‘functions’php’ file here please? Or, if I’ve done something wrong, how I refresh

    the child theme so I get the full list?





    sorry guys, found a css fix on the forum, works fine.

    would be good to know about adding functions.php though. do I just add a <?p> opening

    and closing tag to any code I put in?





    Hmmm, actually, that css trick doesn’t work, it cuts the text off in the text box.


    Back to original question I’m afraid. Thanks


    Kenneth John Odle


    A child theme functions file looks like this:


    custom functions go here


    Really, it’s that simple. The hard part is writing valid functions.

    do I just add a <?p> opening

    and closing tag to any code I put in?

    You only need the opening and closing php tags at the beginning and end of the file, so no. You can have nothing but pure functions in between.

    You can see an example of one of my functions.php files here:


    Syahir Hakim


    Another tip: you don’t actually need the closing php tag. Reduces the risk of ‘header already sent error’ too.



    Ok, thanks guys. As long as I know I just need to type this into the open window I already

    have, that’s fine. I was just wondering whether I should be seeing a full list of options down

    the right hand side, like in the main theme window.

    Ok, thanks, marking as resolved.


    Kenneth John Odle


    That’s right—when you use a child theme, you will only see the child theme stylesheet and the child theme functions file (if you are using one) in the editor.

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