Full-size images getting cut off on the right

  • ldahospud


    Hi! I love your theme, and I’m trying to figure out why, when I post full-size images (as prompted in the “post images” area), that they get cut off. Here is a look:




    Syahir Hakim


    This has been fixed in newer version of the theme, and the upcoming version 1.3 (to be released really soon) will make the handling of images with width that exceeds the content area better.

    I noticed that you are still using version Any reason why you’re not updating to the latest version?



    Mostly because even the “for dummies” books are beyond me when it comes to CSS, WordPress, etc. I’m barely hanging on by my fingernails. I’ll give the update a try.



    I did the update, and while I’ve got a little more room, the images are still cut off. I’ll look forward to the 1.3 version.




    Well, I think it looks great inserting pictures in posts matching the post area width,

    eg. width 478px+1px frame & from there link to the full size picture. And Yes I upload

    2 pictures 🙂


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