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    Firstly, fantastic looking theme, great features and excellent options for customising! I couldnt imagine the time and effort required – so thank you very much!!!

    Have you/others applied a Full Screen Background non-repeatable image and if so which have you tested with success/recommend?

    I’ve tried a couple of java-based plugins but they seem a bit glitchy.

    Thank you



    In future try searching the forums first for similar questions and see if their issues has been answered. To answer your question Prasana has already addressed this in a similar post, you can find it here:


    Hope that helps 🙂



    Thanks Tee_888, I did a search but couldnt find a workable solution to match my problem.

    I’ve tried Prasana’s solution as mentioned in the link you provided (thank-you) but my background image doesn’t automatically stretch to fill the screen. I’ve tried emptying cache, alternate browsers.

    Appearance -> Background -> Upload Background Image.

    Display Options:

    Left, No-repeat, scroll, background colour: #.

    I must be missing something here?



    If your site is live, please provide it’s URL.





    It looks fine on my side. You get it working?

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