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    Received some great advice from this forum on setting up full images in slider, but can’t for the life of me get them to link to the post (which I then want to redirect). I’ve tried using the the Link URL for the images in the actual post with different slider settings. And I’ve tried creating a Child Theme with code I found on this forum including a snippet to add to Custom CSS but still no go.


    What am I doing wrong?



    Slider images do not, by default, link to anything. Rather, it is the “read more” button which links to the content.

    You can alter which link the “read more” uses by adding a simple plugin:




    Thanks for your reply, Josh! The redirect isn’t really the issue as I’m already successfully doing that for pages. I guess my questions is, is it impossible to link slider images without a “read more” button? If so, can I somehow overlay a transparent “read more” button over the slider images or something? I appreciate your help!

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