FTP program to edit files live on the server?

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    I have seen several different videos in which people access the backend of websites and edit html, xml, css, etc scripts right from their FTB client. (most of them seems to use Mac for some reason)

    Is there any free software out there to do this on a Windows computer (NO don’t tell me to torrent it!). I am looking for one of those free programs that have this capability.

    Do you guys prefer anything particular?

    Thank you.



    I know this is not really live editing, but rather the file gets downloaded and then I can edit and then get uploaded kind of thing….


    Kenneth John Odle


    Ummm….Filezilla, maybe?


    Syahir Hakim


    +1 on Ken’s suggestion. Have been using FileZilla for a long time, and would definitely recommend it as the open source FTP client to go to.



    Thank you….



    Or, if you have a VPS or a dedicated, you can SSH into your server and edit the file in command line with vi or vim.

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