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    After upgrade to 3.5 the frirst page post section reverts to one column below the normal Header and menu, no slider, one particular post with a long space between the title and the post, all other posts and the side bar, with all sidebar widgets appear below the post colum. clicking on the top post reverts to the post page which goes back to two columns looking normal. I had a web designer put up the site, I foolishly upgraded and now can not get the page to work as it did before.



    (Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.)

    Hang on… lemme look at your code and see if I can find what’s going on…

    EDIT: It looks like you have an unclosed <div> tag somewhere… either in that post… or in one of your widgets. I can’t tell, since you don’t use those widgets on any other page. If you used them on another page… then we could see if it’s doing it on that page also.. then we’d know it’s one of the widgets.

    Go back and check your custom edits for an extraneous <div> tag floating around somewhere.



    Lost my sidebar too after 3.5 upgrade; my help request remains open too.

    My site was put up solo, not with web master— 🙁


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