Front page posts categories setting not working?

  • mingan666


    I’m trying out the graphene theme on my test blog ( One of the interesting features is the possibility to filter out only certain categories to be shown on the front page, but when I try to change the Front page posts categories-setting no posts show up at all.

    Currently the setting on the test-blog is set to show only posts of the category Lukas which should contain 12 posts, but as you can see no posts show up.

    I’ve tried to find similar support topics where no posts are show, but they seem to suggest to change the setting to disabled which works fine (all posts show as they should), but that’s not how I want it to work.


    Syahir Hakim


    I just tried the feature on my local dev server and it’s working properly. Try turning on WP_DEBUG to see if there’s any error notices being thrown out?



    I’m so sorry to waist your time. I now figured out that it was caused by the use of a plugin. Of course I should have tried to turn off all plugins before mailing here…

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