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  • rlam2013


    I tried both ‘show excerpt on front page’ and ‘show full content on archieve page’ none of those worked.

    I want my front page post to only show an image and a description. once the image is clicked, it brings you to the full content page.




    Link to your site?



    for the newer posts, there’s no text, so it looks the way i wanted. but for the older posts, there’s text content, but i don’t want it to show on the front page.




    one more separate question, (don’t know if i should start a new thread), i just want to modify the text of the ‘Home’ navigation button. How do i do that? The text of other buttons are in different language, i want to make the Home button in the same language character.




    another question: on the posts, when i click on the picture, it brings up the actual size of the picture, how do i make the actual size picture appear on a new tab, not replacing the current one.




    fixed the last question by adding target=”_blank” in the href tag of the image


    i just want to modify the text of the ‘Home’ navigation button.

    Use Custom Menus


    Kenneth John Odle

    (don’t know if i should start a new thread)

    Yes, you really should start a new thread for a new topic. One thread = one topic (ideally).

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