Front page post to only show a image and a description

  • rlam2013


    I tried both ‘show excerpt on front page’ and ‘show full content on archieve page’ none of those worked.

    I want my front page post to only show an image and a description. once the image is clicked, it brings you to the full content page.


    Prasanna SP


    Link to your site?



    for the newer posts, there’s no text, so it looks the way i wanted. but for the older posts, there’s text content, but i don’t want it to show on the front page.




    one more separate question, (don’t know if i should start a new thread), i just want to modify the text of the ‘Home’ navigation button. How do i do that? The text of other buttons are in different language, i want to make the Home button in the same language character.




    another question: on the posts, when i click on the picture, it brings up the actual size of the picture, how do i make the actual size picture appear on a new tab, not replacing the current one.




    fixed the last question by adding target=”_blank” in the href tag of the image

    Prasanna SP

    i just want to modify the text of the ‘Home’ navigation button.

    Use Custom Menus


    Kenneth John Odle

    (don’t know if i should start a new thread)

    Yes, you really should start a new thread for a new topic. One thread = one topic (ideally).

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