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    how do you change the way the posts are displayed on the main page. i want to be able to have the image/text in a box like area. right now it looks like a blog.



    If you don’t want your wp site to be look like a blog, then static front page is a better solution for you. Read this article on Creating a Static Front Page :

    Create a static front page and go to Graphene settings–> Homepage panes and set the number of latest posts to display on front page.

    Are you wanted your site to be look like this one? -> ((my site.))


    Kenneth John Odle


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    yeah sort of. i guess ill have to play around with the static page.. also i dont know what i did but i cant see my fb or rss icon on the top bar or the go button for my search bar, or the little circles at the bottom of my slider. they used to be there and show up. if i hover over them i can click on them but you just cant see them.. any advice?



    Sounds like you edited one of the “sprite” image files. All these icons are found in the “sprite_master.png” file. There are a total of about 40 images on the sprite file (the date icon; the little arrows in your main menu to show there are subpages)… none of which I see on your website.

    Were you messing with this file? Did you rename it? Did you delete it?



    it is possible i could have changed something but i didnt even know what the “sprite” images were until i started looking through the coding. ill have to check into that further thanks

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