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    I’ve read a few posts about this subject, and just want to check I’ve got it right.

    On, I would like to make the following changes to the

    home page.

    The two r/h widgets will be moved to far left, under the two existing widgets.

    In the remaining r/h space, I’ll keep ‘Tools for sale’, but I want to reduce the width

    and add another (same width) column, which is where I would like my

    Blog posts to be pulled into.

    Using static home page / homepage panes / page template / graphene display

    options, can someone please talk me through the correct sequence, as I need

    the ‘Tools for Sale’ information in the column to remain there, and don’t want

    to delete it all!

    Thanks very much




    Actually, I’ve figured out a way around this.

    I’ll make my blog page the first page and create a big old sticky post to direct people

    to the tool selling page. That will work fine.



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