Front page is identified by "Home" button by Graphene; cannot access the page under "

  • laurakaz


    When I installed the Graphene Theme, it came with a “Home” button already in place. However, this “Home” page does not show up on my list of pages, so I cannot edit it.

    I am trying to create a static front page so I have regular content on the front page rather than a blog post. But, since the front page is already identified by Graphene as “Home”, and I cannot access it, I cannot create a static front page.

    How do I fix this problem? Thank you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    The home button only takes you back to the root, rather than a given page. If you create a static front page, clicking on the home button will always take you back to it.



    Okay, I almost got it…I named my static front page “Welcome” and followed Prassana’s steps as outlined in the forum here: The only problem I have now is that my content shows up in a box underneath a smaller, empty box now. Is there any way I can get rid of this smaller box? I don’t know what it’s there for. My whole point in this was to have regular content show up on my Front Page because I haven’t decided if I even want a blog yet. Thank you for your help.



    Go to Graphene Options –> Homepage Panes and Disable Homepage panes.



    Hi Prassana – Sorry, I was out of town for a few days. I disabled the Homepage panes and nothing seemed to happen. My Front Page, titled “Welcome”, still looks like this: null. Any other ideas? Thank you!!!



    Have you tried using Custom Menus for your site navigation bar?

    This will allow you to specify what pages are displayed in your nav menu; as well as ordering them; assigning them unique names/titles; etc.



    Hi Josh – No, I don’t think I’ve done anything with Custom Menus…I’ve done so many things, I honestly don’t remember. But following the instructions on this thread has caused this new problem: “…my content shows up in a box underneath a smaller, empty box now [on my front page].” See it right here

    I’m trying to get rid of that small box. Do you have any ideas?


    Kenneth John Odle


    The empty box is the slider. Any posts you write will go there, although you can control which posts and pages show up there. It’s very good for highlighting new or important content.

    Go to Graphene options >> Display Options >> Slider Options to set it up or to turn it off.



    Thank you!!! That’s what I was trying to do!!! 🙂

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