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  • mdorsch


    Over the last 24 hours my front page has been totally messed up without changing anything with plugins or the theme. The single post pages are fine. The only thing I have done is add some blog posts. The other weird thing is other blogs on my multisite install are acting fine.

    Acting weird –

    Acting fine –

    Any help would be appreciated!





    Maybe an adsense problem? How are you using your adsense code? Action Hook? Graphene Option?



    Your login widget also looks a little funny. Try temporarily disabling that and see what happens?



    Your Sidebar Login Widget is either missing echo $after_widget; or a closing div tag



    Thanks for the help! I disabled the login widget and several other widgets below that. Still have the problem. I am using adsense within the Graphene options. There is another ad on the side for amazon, I disabled that and I still have the problem. Any other ideas?




    I fixed this tonight. It was one of my posts. I guess there was some stray html code in the post that was messing with the front page, but did not effect the post pages. Thanks!

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