Franz Josef 1.7 Menu and lag/slowdown

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    1) After the 1.7 update, the main menu (header menu) doesn’t seem to use mouseover anymore somehow. In order to see the submenu you need to click now. Besides that, if a main menu item has a link of it’s own, you need to click twice in order to see that page.

    With 1.6 you could mouseover to see the submenu and/or just click the main menu item to go to that page.

    Is this by design or did i miss an option somewhere?

    Website: Click here 🙂

    Version 1.6

    Added: Header Menu now drops down when hovered on desktops

    2) Since the update, the front page has a sort of lag/slowdown when using the Home button. When refreshing the home page or pressing the home button in the menu, it takes a few seconds until you can scroll down, a sort of freeze. This wasn’t there with 1.6.

    Both issues happen when using a desktop.



    Noticed something else which might cause the lag. On the front page (Static) i use two Franz Josef Stack: Posts widgets, both of them with Masonry tiled layout and posts pagination disabled.

    This worked fine with 1.6 but now another row of posts are shown at the bottom of the page including either Infinite Scroll or when disabled the posts pagination.

    I have no idea where those posts come from.

    I can disable posts on the front page but then Franz Josef Stack: Posts doesn’t work either.



    okok i have the same problem with the menus bar



    I have just installed this and also see that the menus buttons need to be clicked to see sub menu items.

    I’m not sure this is going to work for my site as I think most people expect submenus to appear on hover, I see in a previous forum thread this was brought in with previous versions ( )

    Is there an option or setting to change this to hover?



    I’ve also noticed that, when the menu first loads and there is a drop down, the text is miss-aligned and partly covered the drop down arrow, until you mouse over the text, at which point it re-arranges itself. I’m guessing this is because I haven’t set up any menu icons, I will test that shortly.

    I unfortunately do need to use a drop down menu because of the number of pages I have so having that working so it is clear that there are more pages is going to be the key for me.


    Syahir Hakim


    We’ll be releasing an update soon that will restore the hover menu functionality.



    That’s great to hear.



    FJ version 1.7.1 restored the hover functionality, thank you for that!

    One “problem” or maybe it is that way now :-), is that the mobile menu shifted from left align to right.



    Agree the drop down is working, great!

    Also can see that the mobile menu is now on the right side?



    I don’t know if this will have issues elsewhere or is the correct way to go about it but adding

    .navbar-nav {
    float: left;

    Into the @media (max-width: 767px) { area seems to fix the mobile menu issue

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