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  • jurand



    Thank you for the beautiful theme.

    Unfortunately, I have a problem with the frontpage. After loading the home page, the page and the browser is frozen for several seconds. I tested the page in Firefox and Chrome, with enabled and disabled slider, with enabled and disabled plugins. Always the same. I can not find the cause.

    Any help?

    The site: http://dietetico




    Syahir Hakim


    You have a lot of posts (and by extension, images) on the front page, so the browser takes time to fully render the page. Try decreasing the number of posts displayed on the front page, or use the [url=]Infinite Scroll[/url] addon.



    Thank you for the idea but the installation of the plugin has not helped. I installed the site locally and the problem does not occur.

    When I changed the Theme however, this problem is gone so this is definitely related to the Franz Josef Theme.

    Now I use the Baskerville theme and all OK. See for yourself.



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