Framing bug after an update

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    I contact you since the last time I touched the code, I plant my site, so I take more risk.

    I just made the last Graphene theme update on my WordPress site and there is just a framing problem in the top picture and my slider.

    Here is the link of my site:

    As you can see, on my banner (framed in red), the image is a bit down, the address of my site (framed in green) is almost not visible anymore. And the images in my slider are all shifted.

    I wanted to know how to wind it up please ?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    ps: I am a beginner in coding ^^





    Syahir Hakim


    Your banner looks good from my site. As for the slider, make sure the images used for the slider matches the dimensions of the slider. In your site, it’s 750×400 pixels.



    Good evening,

    I just solved the problem yesterday with the French WordPress community ^^

    Thanks anyway, see you soon !

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