Four column layout: main content + two sidebars + one sidebar below the two

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    Hi there,

    First of all, thank you very much for the graphene-theme! It made wordpress-blogging so much more fun! I’ve realized, how awesome graphene was, when I decided to look for another theme, just for a change. But after a few weeks of hourlong searches, installations and customizations (or getting frustrated because of the lack of it), I finally went back to graphene. There’s no better free wordpress theme out there.

    On my page (work in progress, btw.) I prefer the three columns-/ two sidebars on the right-option with narrow sidebar spaces, because I’d like to use my buttons for navigation.

    So far so good. Now, I’d like to have more widgets directly below the two sidebars, but since their widths are really narrow, the new widgets below are narrow as well (cp. on my homepage).

    Would it be possible to have another sidebar below the two columns? I.e. a column that is as wide as the two sidebars on top?

    I’ve realized that the column-mode-function is in the theme-function.php and thought I could make the change on my own. Sadly, I don’t understand php enough.

    So, I think, it’s probably more than a simple modification. But since this is the request section, I thought I’d ask.

    Here’s a picture of what I have in mind:


    Thanks a lot in advance.





    I would just use one wide sidebar.

    then for every text-widget I would add two horizontally aligned buttons.

    Two buttons inside one text-widget

    <a class="widget-hover widget-neuigkeiten" href="http://sample1"></a>
    <a class="widget-hover widget-buecher" href="http://sample2"></a>

    Then just add css to make them float to the left. Then adjust margins.

    .widget-hover {
    float: left;
    margin: 10px;

    with this layout, your additional widgets would be the same width.




    Woah. Yeah, that’s much simpler. I’ve done as you said, I just put the buttons all in one widget and separated them by <p >-tags

    This way it’s exactly what I wanted!

    Thank you for showing me the simple solution, not the complicated one.

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