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    Syahir Hakim


    Hi everyone!

    This forum has been going on for almost a year now, and throughout that time it has allowed me to provide support to the Graphene theme users with relative ease.

    I haven’t set any rules previously, but the fact that the number of theme users continues to grow and so does the use of this forum, it’s important for members of the forum to follow certain rules to facilitate conversations between us.

    These are not so much a set of rules than they are conventions which have been practised regularly in any forums in the internet. So please abide by them! Blatant disregard of the rules even after warnings have been issued might lead to your account being deleted and banned.

    General rules

    • Post in the correct section

      This is very important. Never post support requests in the General Talk section, because uh, that’s for general talk! Reserve the bug report section for issues that you are *really* convinced that they are bugs, and not just a support request.

    • Use only English language

      As much as we love to, we can’t understand every single language there is out there. Nor does everybody else in the forum.

    • Use descriptive topic title

      Your topic title should be a short, one-liner summary of your post content. Don’t post a generic title like “Help!” or try to solicit help as quickly as possible by writing something like “Urgent!! The world will end if you don’t help me in 1.25 seconds!“. Titles like that will never make your queries responded to any faster, and they are admonished in any forum.

    • Explain what problem are you having

      Simply saying something doesn’t work is not enough. Explain in what way doesn’t it work, and if there’s any error messages, etc. Also, always include the URL to the relevant website/webpage.


    • When you’re asking for help, it’s important to be nice.

      Criticism is okay as long as you say it politely. Haters, trolls, swearers, etc. may be banned immediately without warning.

    • Don’t spam. Ever.

      You will be immediately banned, no warning, no question asked.

    • Don’t go on expecting your queries to be answered within a few minutes of you posting it.

      Even though sometimes we’re extra awesome and do answer you within a few minutes, please keep in mind that this is a free support forum, and that we are volunteering our precious time to help you out.

    Objectionable Materials

    The Graphene theme is developed and released as an open-source theme in good faith, of which the author upholds and promotes the spirit of liberty. However, I consider such liberty to be misused when the theme is used for purposes that are ethically and morally questionable and objectionable.

    While I have no rights under the GPLv2 licence to restrict the use of the theme in any manner, as the owner and operator of this forum, I do have the right to restrict the support given to the theme users that misuse such liberty the licence provides.

    As such, if you are using the theme for any of the purposes listed below which the author considers to be ethically and morally questionable, be aware that your support requests in this forum will not be entertained. Your posts will be ignored and deleted, and repeated offences will lead to your account being disabled and banned.

    Purposes that are considered to be ethically and morally questionable include, but not limited to:

    • Display and/or promotion of pornographic material
    • Promotion of hatred, violence, crime, terrorism, and extremism
    • Promotion and/or distribution of stolen goods and materials, including pirated digital goods

    That’s it for now. I’ll add more if and when they become necessary. Cheers!

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