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  • kanjipad


    Hi fellow Grapheners…

    I’m still setting up my site and getting to know a little about css and wordpress. I’ve installed the Mingle Forum plug-in and it works quite well with the Graphene theme, especially with a black skin, but I wondered if any of you have found a better forum solution. Currently I get an avatar of the current logged-in user in the forum header but not with the individual forum posts; this appears to be an issue with the Mingle Forum plugin rather than the Graphene theme, but there might be compatibility issues.

    (I have no problem with avatars in the rest of the site, such as with comments on posts and pages. I’ve gone for Wavatars there.)

    So, do any of you have working forums in the Graphene theme, and have avatars for forum posts? If so, what did you do to set it up? Does anyone else use the Mingle Forum plugin and, if so, how has it performed and have you found any tricks integrating it with Graphene?


    Craig (kanjipad).



    Well, Just like in Graphene Forum Im using bbPress.


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