Formidable Form input area specifications overridden by graphene 1.9.2

  • Glenda N


    After upgrading to graphene 1.9.2 all formidable form (plugin) input areas on my site seem to be being overridden.

    All input forms now show as a single row only on the screen, although they DO allow more than one row of input. This is a problem because the user cannot see their previous writing – only the current row.

    So I am assuming that somewhere in the graphene theme code, the formidable plugin code is being knocked out.

    Could someone tell me what to add to or remove from the graphene theme code, so that this doesn’t happen?

    Or….if my assumption is incorrect, how I can get the form input areas to behave properly – as per the formidable settings that I enter.




    Kenneth John Odle


    Could you please provide a link to your site, as well as a link to the plugin?

    Glenda N


    Thanks for your fast reply

    The site is a paid membership site, with the pages affected available only after login. If you simply want to view the problem, I can temporarily remove the protection from one page so that it can be seen. Will this achieve what you need?

    Not sure what you mean by a “link to the plugin”.

    Here is the website for the form :

    Or do you need to see the plugin code? Not sure how to achieve this….


    Glenda N


    Actually, I have realized that the theme upgrade has somehow changed the behaviour of the formidable form. What I thought was a single row for entry, is actually draggable from the front end, to resize and enter information. I don’t know whether this is something that the graphene has done, or whether it’s a feature of the formidable form.

    This is OK, except that the drag to resize doesn’t work when running under safari.

    Would you know whether it is a Graphene feature?



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