footer widget / rss feeds don't display + social media icons either

  • Anonymous


    Tried a number of options to position a couple of rss feeds into the footer widget columns and don’t seem to be able to save the widget (spinning circle), I am able to place blogroll or any other widget in the footer. Any ideas?

    Another issue is social media icons that don’t display (perhaps they are related).




    Your site is asking for Username and password! And says, Authorization Required.

    If you are unable to save widgets, first check your internet connection for any defects or low bandwidth.

    Did you try action hooks widget?



    I haven’t explored the use of action hooks as yet. I will but would like to understand the issue as I had the rss running previously.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Action hook widget areas is the way to accomplish this. I wrote a tutorial explaining how to use them, although it’s incredibly easy. You can read it here:

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