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    Hello! I am really happy with the Graphene theme – thanks!

    I want to be able to make the font in the footer widgets (not the footer) larger, but at this point am rather clueless as to how to go about doing so. Will it require added CSS? Do I do that in the Custom CSS box on the Graphene Options page? Could you either give me a quick hint how to do so or point me to a site that can better explain? I am not all that proficient in CSS, though I have some rudimentary understanding. Just want to make it a quick little fix. Thanks! – Lilithe



    Add this to your child theme style sheet or in Graphene Options –> Display –> Custom CSS

    #sidebar_bottom .sidebar-wrap {
    font-size: 14px;

    The default font size is 12px. I’ve changed this to 14px here. Tweak this to make it suitable for your site.

    Moved to support. Please post in the correct section next time.

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