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  • metalroo


    Is there an easy way to get the links in the footer

    to open in a new window without changing the footer.php?

    So something in the child theme’s function.php?

    I tried it in css but that CSS3 target-new property isn’t supported yet 🙂



    Which links are you referring to?



    Creative Commons, WordPress and Graphene Theme links.



    The only way I know of would be to open the footer file, and add target="_blank" to each of the links. But you would need to do this on each graphene update.



    Indeed, that’s why i am looking for something that goes in the child functions.php but my knowledge of php doesn’t go that far 🙂



    I mean, you can copy the entire footer.php file into your child theme; make the adjustments in your child theme footer; and it will use that one instead of the original.

    I’m not sure if the footer.php file gets many adjustments during theme updates (I could be wrong, though).

    With that being said, I use a modified footer.php file in my child theme.



    I thought that only style.css and functions.php worked in the child theme,

    didn’t know about this, so i learned something and you fixed my problem 🙂

    Thank you Josh.



    You’re welcome.

    Take a look here at other files you can use in your child theme. Just remember, you need to stay aware of what updates are going on with Graphene to make sure these files don’t include important updates.



    Ah ok, thanks again.


    Syahir Hakim


    You can also read more about using a child theme at the theme’s wiki:

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