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    I am trying to create a row of links for my site using the Footer Widget Area.

    In the Graphene Options area I have set the footer option to four columns as I want to add four links. I then add four text widgets to the “Footer Widget Area” in the Widgets section, and in each use the <a href="linkurl"><img src="imageurl" /> code to insert an image (150px by 75px) from my media library. This creates the row of four images and this works perfectly in Chrome and on my Blackberry.

    However in Internet Explorer (I use version 9) it causes problems with the main footer. The dark footer area containing the copyright and developer info duplicates (to give two dark footer areas on top of the eachother with a break of around 20px between the two). The copyright info sits in the first area, and the developer info gets pushed down into the second area.

    Can anyone help me with this? I’m using the latest version of the theme, and I haven’t amended any of the CSS (except to add one small piece of code in the Custom CSS box to hide the “Return To Top” text). The problem occurred before I added the code though so this is not the issue.

    I have tried uninstalling the theme (properly using the option in the theme), deleting the files and then reinstalling it but the problem still happens.

    Thanks in advance,



    Syahir Hakim


    Did you forget to close the link element?



    Yes I did. thanks!

    I knew it would be something simple 🙂

    Another (unrelated) issue that has come up now is that the sidebar has disappeared from my homepage. It’s the same problem I posted about a couple of days ago in the thread titled “Sidebar Disappeared on Certain Pages”. I thought it was the browser cache but obviously not as the problem is occuring on my phone browser now as well as here in IE.

    The two other suggestions in the earlier thread were to edit the template to the “two column” format (which I do have selected for the site in the Graphene Options area) and to refresh the server cache. Could you point me in the right direction for these two things as I’m a novice.

    Thanks for your help.




    What is the screen resolution set to on your home computer monitor?


    Syahir Hakim


    The sidebar is displaying fine on your homepage now. Were you having this issue when using the sidebar on the right hand side?



    Yeah – I had the site up set up with a right sidebar and all of a sudden the sidebar disappeared on the homepage. It did a similar thing a few days back. In the end I started again from scratch last night as I was determined to get it finished ASAP, and it’s been ok since. I know this isn’t the quickest way to resolve things but I knew exactly what settings to amend so it didn’t take long to delete and reinstall.

    I really appreciate the support you and others have given me though. I’m new at this so it could well have been something I did, but I’m learning all the time and I feel like I have a much better idea about things tonight even compared to last night.

    One question I do have… In my slider one of the posts isn’t displaying the thumbnail photo. It’s the post titled “U11s On The Road”. The other post which contains a photo “Young Referee Meets Olympic Flame” shows the thumbnail image. Any idea why this might be?

    I have the slider set up to show Thumbnail and Excerpt, and slider image “First Image in Post”.

    Thanks again.


    Syahir Hakim


    Try updating to version 1.8.1 and see if the slider’s image issue is resolved. As for the disappearing right sidebar, it could well be that there’s a missing or extra closing </div> somewhere in your content that’s causing it.



    Thanks. If it happens again I’ll know it could be the ‘</div>’.

    I’ve done the theme upgrade and re-saved the slider options but the image still doesn’t appear. Any other ideas?


    Syahir Hakim


    The “First Image in Post” setting only works if the image is uploaded when you edit that post, not on images that are taken from the gallery of images that have been uploaded in the past. Try setting it to featured image instead and set the featured image on the posts.

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