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    I spent a lot of my day editing the Graphene theme to suit my needs, but somewhere along the way I’ve ended up with a footer problem. You can see it at (please, please keep in mind this is an adult site so DO NOT VISIT IF YOU DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE!). Basically the right hand copyright/theme info is all screwed up. I’m not even sure which code file I need to edit to get it back to normal.




    No doubt You need to restore footer.php & look at it again. But it also tells me that before You spent to many days, please read this: Did You made a Child Theme?

    The funny thing about WordPress Themes is that changes are gone when You update the Theme if You dont use a Child Theme: (Just look for posts with help & upgrade 🙂




    Well, crap. I didn’t make a Child Theme (I don’t know anything about doing so) so…I guess I’ll have to look into that. I was really hoping it wouldn’t be so complicated to do all of this, haha.



    The wise thing to do. Not that hard, hmm.. more rewarding 🙂


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