Footer colors same hex, different colors

  • jrothra


    Okay, this is starting to bug me. Check out the footer colors:


    Notice the two blue shades, one a darker blue bar, the other the larger field. I edited the “sprite_h.png” file so that the area for the footer (very bottom of that sprite) is colored using this hex color: #0a273f. Also, I have in the child CSS this for the footer:

    #footer {
    background: url(images/sprite_h-JLR.png) left -952px repeat-x #0a273f;

    Notice it’s the same exact hex color. Yet the two colors are different. When I check/copy the colors of those two areas, the giant blue fiend is #0a273f, but the blue bar records as #091940 (despite the same exact bar ‘area’ in the sprite copying/checking as #0a273f. How come?

    In short: create the sprite using #0a273f, the page changes it to #091940.

    I used Gimp to edit the sprite. Also, I placed the sprite in gimp right next to the website to visually compare the sprite’s 0a273f with the page’s 0a273f. The two were identical to the naked eye. But when that sprite is called, it is different. I tried deleting the sprite completely and uploading a fresh one, but to no avail. 🙁


    Syahir Hakim


    It’s probably Gimp saving the image file with a different colour profile. I’ve encountered this issue with Photoshop previously as well. Make sure you change the colour profile used by Gimp to the same colour profile used by your monitor, or vice versa. sRGB IEC61966-2.1 works for me.

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