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  • John McCubbin


    if you look at my site:

    the footer is like:


    Custom Widget

    Footer Menu

    but when i updated on my local host it changed to:


    Footer Menu

    Custom widget

    is there a way to change this


    John McCubbin


    i think its just to do with the copyright of the page is there a way to make it like before where it stretched the who footer width with everything else below it

    John McCubbin


    anyone help with this



    You have received tons and tons of custom help from us here. Please be patient and wait for one of us to respond. No-one here likes to leave threads unanswered… but we also have lives (and other responsibilities) outside of this free forum.

    In regards to your question, I’m not entirely sure what you are asking.

    I see you have the text “Copyright”, followed by a short text description, ended with a custom menu in your footer area.

    What exactly is it you are wanting to adjust? Specifically.

    John McCubbin


    Sorry was just trying to keep it fresh this is the only forum i have really used so dont really know if people care to go through pages to find stuff sorry about that my live page has the version 1.6 and the text underneath Copyright is the copyright but on my local host which i test things on first the layout has changed to the copyright (custom text) to the left of the footer menu i want it above the menu like in my live site yet again sorry if i seemed inpatient



    Are you using the same version of graphene on your local host?

    John McCubbin


    no im using 1.6.1 on local host but before i upgrade on live i want to try and fix this



    It’s hard to say without seeing a live example to work with.

    Can you provide a screenshot of your localhost footer?

    John McCubbin


    how do you put a screen shot on here as i have seen other people do it but dont know how



    Upload the image to your server. And then use the image source html tag to insert the image here.

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