Footer appears near the top…!

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    I am using this fantastic theme to help promote my new products (and as soon as I start earning revenue I will be contributing).

    I recently installed the WP Business Directory Manager plug in and on some of the pages the Graphene footer now appears near the top, for example…

    Also, on my main directory listing page..

    the [] code for WP Business Directory Manager is below my text on the page but it is showing above it on Graphene.

    For both these issues I have tried changing to Twenty Ten theme and it works fine so I think it must be a Graphene issue.

    I hope you can help because I really love this theme and don’t want to change but I need the directory to look good for potential customers.

    Thank You!



    Syahir Hakim


    This is usually caused by an unclosed <div> element in your page. Try to find if there’s any unclosed <div> and close it using </div>.

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