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    I am slightly embarrassed to put forth such a basic question. But I have been battling with changing fonts for some time now with no success.

    I recently, added the plug-in, ‘WP google fonts’, but much to my dismay, have not been able to change the fonts.

    Is there a basic code for the menu, and the content? I really like the look of ‘julius sans one’ and ‘merienda’.

    Go easy on me guys.

    Thank you so much for your expertise.



    Kenneth John Odle


    There is no need for a plugin. Graphene natively supports Google fonts. Go Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Text Style Options, and enter the name of the Google font you want to use in the Google Fonts option.

    Which elements are you trying to apply these fonts to?




    Which elements are you trying to apply these fonts to?

    I am changing the font on the MENU and the CONTENT of all my text.

    Merienda font for the primary menu, and Julius Sans One for the content.

    Thanks for your expertise,


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